Taking Care of Yourself




The Angels want you to know that you may have been ignoring an important aspect of being a lightworker here on Planet Earth:  taking care of yourself.


We have come a long way this year and there has been much progress for humanity as a whole.  This is not something that you will see as a news article on TV or in the newspaper.  It is something that can only be seen by those willing to look and ask for the signs.  What do you see?  I have seen great progress but I ask to see the light in all situations, in all things.  One of the affirmations I was invited to say by the Angels this year was, “I see through all illusions.  I now see clearly.”  And what a difference that made.  I am seeing things much more clearly and it is easier to see how and why people are walking in fear and how I can help them.  It is difficult to help if you don’t know what the problem is.


First, we have to help ourselves before we can help others.   Have you ever heard of the situation of a mother and a child on a plane that is losing oxygen?  The airlines always tell the mothers to place the mask on themselves first and then the child, or both may die.  That is the same situation with lightworkers.  You must be taking care of yourself so that you can be of service to others.  What are you doing for yourself?  Are you taking the time to consciously breathe each day?  (Three long, slow, deep breaths may take you a minute of time.) Are you allowing Spirit to connect to you instead of you connecting to Spirit for others?  Did you know that the reason some people are still waking up in the middle of the night is because we don’t allow Spirit time to reach us during the day?  That is the only time they can give us our information and our spiritual adjustments. 


In this fourth dimension energy, we are invited to use what is freely available to us, the connection to Spirit all day and all night.  This is a blessing.  Everyone reading this is a lightworker to some degree.  Those of you, who are actively walking in your spiritual-ness, know what you are to do but may be forgetting how to keep your balance while doing it.  This has been causing delays and difficulties this year.  Take care of yourself.  Ask for what you need.  And most importantly, if you are feeling out of balance, ask yourself or your Angels, “Is this something that I am causing or am I picking up some outside energy that needs to be cleansed?”    If you don’t see any reason for your feeling down, sluggish or depressed, then stop right there and recognize that it is not you.  Just the recognition that it is not you, is sometimes enough to stop the absorption of lower energy feelings.  What is happening is that you are being used at that time to cleanse the energy from a situation or disaster and the energy doesn’t need to stop in you…it is to flow through you.  Visualize this:  You are a being of light.  You are pulling in light through your crown chakra (head) and in through your root chakra (lower trunk of your body.)  This energy meets at your heart chakra and flows out there into the world.  At the same time, the reverse is happening; you are taking in the lower energy from the earthplane, having it flow through your heart and out through your crown chakra going into the heavens and out through your root chakra into the Mother Earth for cleansing.  It is a giving and a receiving of energy through you.  What you put out into the world is the brightest, strongest light that your energy can channel.  What you take in is the darkest, strongest light that your energy can channel.  But the idea that some of you are forgetting is that you are just the channel.  Being a channel is similar to being the hand held part of a telephone.  The telephone doesn’t accept any of the words you are saying and neither does it change the words.  It simply acts as a vessel to allow the words to flow through it.  This energy that you are channeling is not to stop within your physical-ness or your aura.  You are just the channel to cleanse the light so that when it flows back out of you into the world, it has been transformed from the highest levels of Spirit that you have learned to reach.  Because of the tragedies that the world has been seeing with the different and many wars, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. many lightworkers have fallen into fear.  This is the reason that those of you that have been walking stronger in Spirit are being used more.  We have agreed to be of service to this world in the highest way possible and when our brothers and sisters can not be reached spiritually because of their fear, those of us that can are being called on in a stronger way.  There is something you need to understand here… you always have a choice.  If it is too disruptive in your life at any point to channel this stronger energy, you may ask to be excused from this situation, this disaster, for this day, this week or this month.  You can always ask for a break.  I do.  When these hurricanes come sliding through or by Florida, it knocks me for a loop sometimes.  Hurricane Katrina was a doozy!  I did ask for a couple of days off because it was difficult to function in my daily and work life.  The fear was and still is so strong associated with Katrina.  But when I asked to be used again as a channel for the energy, I was stronger and able to channel on a higher level.  It is not a negative for us to recognize that we need to take care of ourselves.  It is called Wisdom.  In this free-will place that we call Earth, we have to ask for what we need.  Otherwise, Spirit will continue to give you the energy according to the level that you have attained.  Be wise. Be strong. Be of greater service and take care of yourself.  Learn this lesson of balance.  The sooner you do, the more flowing your life will be.


On an important side note that the Angels want to say to some of you…you will know who you are...learn to recognize when others are using you and there is not a flow of giving and receiving.  Remember all people have to walk their own path.  Every soul’s purpose here is to learn lessons.  There are a lot of souls who didn’t like this jump up into the fourth dimension and want to stay in the old energy but they see the lightworkers making progress in their lives and they are latching onto us so that they can try to get blessings vicariously.  Are you being drained from carrying someone in your life?  We are not necessarily talking about a spouse or a child.  This is more about friends and co-workers.  If you are being used to give energy or answers and these people in your life are not learning how to do this for themselves, you are not really being a help to them.  They will not know how to do it once you move out of their life.  From my experience in private Angel sessions, this has been increasing and the lightworkers don’t know why they are constantly tired.  Take care of yourself and spiritually cut the ties to those that are dragging you down.  Ask the Angels to bring you the same level of friends that is equal to the level of friend that you are capable of being.  If everyone cut the ties to one person in their life that was using them, then Spirit could redistribute those people to others who will deal with them non-emotionally in the hopes that these souls will learn what they need to do themselves and stop wasting precious time. 

This will help everyone! 


Though the walk has been long and hard,

each day it is easier to receive all that you have been seeking. 

You are dearly loved,






All material on web site Copyright(c) 2003  Cherokee Angel

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