Protecting With White Light

 You may have heard of the term "White Lighting" before. Let me explain what I believe white light actually is and does. Many believe in some form of Higher Power in the universe, called many names: God, Jehovah, Allah, the Universal Consciousness, Great Spirit, Higher Power, ect. I myself probably, at this point in my life, refer to My Higher Power. I fully believe there is a Higher Power, the I AM. The white light is a manifestation of this power, or it's spirit. The white light IS this power, and is the stuff that makes up galaxies, planets, and all living things, including you and me.

Ever noticed how after spending time with some people you seem lethargic or, in the opposite extreme, anxious? Some describe it as feeling “drained". Or how, after seeing or hearing other people, you start smiling and feel energized? That's because of something called energy transference. All living things have the white light, or universal life force, and it can be transferred from one person to another. Have you heard people say that they feel refreshed or restored after being in nature or at the beach? This occurs because plants and nature have the same energy and freely help us when we're lacking it.

White lighting is simply the way of refilling yourself with the life force. It's normally seen as white light, hence the name. When your energy is complete, you do not drain other around you.

It's a very simple procedure and very effective. Close your eyes and imagine. See the Source of the universal energy above you, and feel it starting to come down and into you. Feel it streaming down through the top of your head, a shower of white light, energy and universal love, filling you from your head and spreading throughout your body. When you feel the warmth inside you, and it's filled you up, you can finish the visualization by opening your eyes. Very simple.

This process is also very effective when meditating, working with energy, reading tarot cards, channeling, or when you believe that you are going to be in a difficult situation. White light is also there to protect.

However, during the time that your eyes are closed, instead of envisioning the white light filling up your body and soul, envision the white light flowing down and surrounding your body. I personally say “I am protected by God’s highest protective white light". I do this before I drive, go into meetings, read tarot cards, and before counseling sessions. Because I deal with energies on a daily basis, I personally add one more step: “I surround that with a band of blue to reflect negativity back from whence it came".

You will find that, in short order, you will be able to quickly visualize these colors and lights around you. Until you are comfortable with feeling this energy around you, you may find that you need to do this a number of times a day, if you wish to be constantly protected. After you are accustomed to this process, you will find that your “white and blue light" stays in place much longer periods of time.

Good luck with your white light!

Cheryl Dusty D.Div.

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