Adapting to Change

Every time we see something that is not to our liking Ė a new desire is born.  The more we dwell on what we Donít Like and Donít Want, the longer we remain in that condition.  The more we think about what we Want, the more we draw it into our circumstances. 


Have you noticed that each choice we make that takes us closer toward achieving our goals also changes our perspective on just exactly what that goal is?


Wanting is a changing thing


I am led down my path feeling my way by trusting my inner guidance system to tell me which decision is best for me at this time.  As I think about this decision or that decision I check in with my feelings to see which choice feels better.  One always feels better than the other.


There are some feelings, however, that cloud this guidance system.  Some decisions re-stimulate old wounds and bring up emotions that dim my guidance system.  These must be released before I can receive the guidance Iím looking for.


Soothing the feeling


We all deserve to feel good.  Feeling good is part of what connects us to Source Energy.  Feeling good, therefore, must become important. 


When feeling good is important then I find ways to sooth my Ďnot so goodí feelings.  When someone or something has upset me, I can sooth my feelings by telling myself positive things like the following:

  • Life is so good.
  • I love feeling good.
  • Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. 
  • I want to get along well with this person.
  • I like it best when we are adoring each other.
  • There are so many things about him or her that are easy to adore.
  • Iím glad we can share in each otherís lives.
  • Itís going to feel so good to see him or her and realize that our relationship is bigger than this stupid little incident.
  • We will rise above it and feel wonderful.
  • Iím so glad to have this person in my life.


Now my good feeling has returned and I am realigned with my core energy.  When Iím feeling good, free from worry and doubt, and my energy again feels light I can then check in with my feelings knowing that my previous resistance has been removed, and Source Energy and itís accompanying sense of well-being returns and flows guiding me onward leading me toward decisions that feel better.


My goals havenít changed, but my perception of what the goal looks like has re-focused on some rough edges that need polishing.  Making decisions that polish my vision adds clarity and insight that I would not have gained had I not focused on this imperfection.


If everything happens for a reason, then thereís something I can learn from this as well.  How adaptable are YOU to changing your perspective?


Itís worth thinking aboutÖ



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