The Last Chapter to Ascension

By James Gilliland

I realized after joining the lecture circuit that very few people were on the circuit without ulterior motives or let us say less than
pure intentions. After many of my lectures I seemed to have stepped on many toes by just revealing the truth given to me which seemed to totally contradict some of the others truth. Many people began with a genuine desire to assist in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth yet fame, notoriety and material acquisition took over as priority. They shifted from truth to half truths and feel good messages because they saw these messages generated the greatest crowds. Promises of wealth, material manifestation, the manifestation of love, joy, acceptance all though people, places and things, the outer world was a real money maker. They talked of heaven as a place to go rather than a consciousness to be and some in fundamental religions even promised those condos in heaven, harps and wings for a significant donation. There were those like vultures that hung around
hospital beds with pen and contract in hand urging the dying to donate and insure their place in heaven. In truth it only insured the
continuation of their dynasties on Earth.

I saw incredible judgment, condemnation and competition in the UFO and spiritual communities both groups not realizing the two were interwoven. In the beginning I was totally na´ve and surely if people heard the message of unity consciousness they would get behind and support it. It really made no sense to me for each person had an experience, was privy to some knowledge yet each believed they had the whole truth and all other truths were nonsense. Even imagination is real on the level of imagination or the mental planes so how can we say another persons reality or creation is invalid? Do we judge something to be true if it manifests on the physical level and not true if it is a non physical manifestation? Each experience was relative to the limited or unlimited ability of the observer, in others words their ability to perceive.

Each religion was based on an experience and people were gathered around that experience. As we mentioned earlier there are over 11,000 religions with offshoots each with their own image and doctrine and in some cases each believing theirs is the correct and the only one. Some even interpret the same doctrine differently and cannot get along with others using the very
same book. The cosmic joke is all are correct, all are creating their own realities according to their beliefs and all realities exist
within God which basically says as you wish. Why can't we allow others their beliefs, their creations and the experience or reaction to their actions? Why do we believe eternal souls are victims? How is it we are so easily motivated by fear to do things we know in our heart of heart do not serve us or others nor are they aligned with our spiritual evolution? Not knowing what another soul needs for completion how can we judge the creations of others good or bad? This is a very tough pill to swallow for saviors and victims yet it is the road to freedom. The endless savior, victim, persecutor triangle we have been playing out for eons ends with this knowledge. Personal responsibility, shifting from reactionary mind to creationary mind and becoming the observer with loving detachment is the key to ascension. Every Master mastered judgment. Every Master stepped out of social consciousness and became the observer. They focused on love, joy and bliss until they became it. They took the time to
collapse time, meditated, prayed, spent long hours in nature outside of the confusion until the clarity came. They saw the Creator in all Creation and the dance of Creation in everyone and everything. They became centered, unshakeable in that love, joy and bliss becoming divine mirrors as to the God within everyone and everything.

Unfortunately they mirrored everything people loved and hated about themselves, sparked a lot of envy and jealousy as well as reflected back to others all that which is not in harmony. If one were to take stock in the world today the present civilization falls far short of the way of the Masters which is why the true Masters are deemed a threat and why so many have been done away with. To truly become a Master one must transcend all cultural and religious boundaries. All boarders, divisions, and hierarchies give way to a love with no boundaries. This becomes a threat to those maintaining the boundaries and divisions the greatest of which are the power elite within religions and governments.

So now you know the answer to why heaven is met with great resistance along with the enlightened ones who are paving the way for heaven on Earth. The Earth was created to be an Eden where everyone could evolve to their highest potential and live in harmony with each other and Nature. We are in the process of returning to that path ushered in by a power and force no man can stop. Nature will be the greatest challenge to those who wish to stop this process along with the awakening and empowering of the individual which is happening as we speak from within. The Temple is within, God is within and it is from within this process is unfolding. There will be many methods utilized from without as a futile attempt to stop or inhibit this process yet those involved are insuring their own fate which will be to experience all of the pain, suffering or loss of freedom they have imposed on others. Despite the arrogance of the elite the laws of the universe will have their way. There is only one path to sustainability and that is to align with the awakening and healing process, cooperate in the highest and best good of humanity and the Earth, make your own personal, God, Spirit, Creator connection and shift into service. The greatest trap is me, the illusion of separation and all that comes with it such as greed, competition, selfishness and the endless quest for love, acceptance, and approval outside of self through outer appearances and material acquisition. In the days to come all that which no longer serves you and is a
distraction to your inward journey will be stripped away. The empires built at the expense of humanity and nature will fall. Those
who have been willing participants in these empires will loose all ill gotten gain. Despite the efforts of man the empires of the elite will fall just as they have fallen away from the universal principles and understandings that are necessary for a healthy society and environment. They will be caught unaware due to their unawareness of a greater plan within a consciousness and energy they can no longer access. Even the animals know when a great storm is coming, a quake, even a tsunami and they will be your greatest teachers in the days to come. Watch them, they know what you have forgotten.

The Earth is going to heal, cleanse herself and go on and on. The extent and severity of the process is directly related to the shift
of consciousness and action as well as the divine intervention offered to those who have risen to the occasion. Many will continue in denial on a path that is unsustainable with a heavy adverse impact on nature. They will live in the moment totally unprepared and oblivious to future moments. There will be those delivering the half truths, feel good messages telling people what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear. They will be in every walk and institution with the media at their beckon call which will spin, twist and deny the obvious. They will make promises they cannot keep all the while in complete denial of the changes unfolding around them. Rather than teaching personal responsibility and awareness of the condition of the environment, the Earths need to cleanse and heal, the condition of society which includes an unsustainable economy on the verge of collapse they will continue to deliver those feel good messages. Messages of how much they care and they are here to help yet in truth they only care about themselves and are helping themselves at the expense of humanity and the Earth.

The religions prey on seekers using their separate God with them as the go between and the Politicians prey on those living in denial desiring to be told the status quo shall go uninterrupted. It will be greatly interrupted for it is the status quo, social consciousness which needs the greatest reality check of all. There will be a great split between the upward spiral in evolution which will go on to the next adventure align with and create a world in which people live in harmony with each other and Nature. This group will take a quantum leap in evolution, join the rest of the universe in peace, experience health, longevity, and technologies beyond your wildest dreams. There will be the downward spiral where those who wish to continue the in the separative elitist attitudes and lust for power and wealth at any expense will continue in the wars, diseases and eventually experience the social, economic and environmental collapse. They will take with them all those who align with them as willing participants. That is the way it is now seen and it is all a matter of choice, choosing to step out of the confusion and chaos to tap into a consciousness that will support and inspire the upward spiral. For those in complete denial of the messages on high Nature is going to push you, shake you, get your attention any and every way possible to reevaluate your path. Whatever it takes to get your attention. The experiences that validate that quiet voice within that gave you the feeling ahead of time something is coming, a change is in the wind, I need to listen and act on that voice will manifest and soon everyone will come to listen. Those still in the physical body and those who crossed over in their light review will say, damn I felt something coming, I need to be a better listener and act on the inner guidance.

In meditation I was told it is time to move off the coasts, simplify and become sovereign. Choose the upward spiral and live in harmony with each other and the Earth. Know thyself not the programmed personality and move out of social consciousness and into Christ Consciousness. Release the past for there will be a division of worlds. The days of the beast are coming to a close. Become your own prophet.

Be well

James Gilliland
Pass it on, permission granted!

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