I Am Ready

by Ron Ruehling


I AM ready to FREE myself.  I AM ready to free myself of the patterns and the ways of the Old.  I AM ready to free myself of the duality that I have been walking in.  I AM ready to allow myself to soar; to let go of the wounds of the past; to free the spirit within me that is coming forth, this divinity that is trying to come forth and express.

The blockages, the walls, that I still have around are not allowing me to be free. I AM ready to be free.

I AM ready to LOVE myself.  I AM ready to truly love myself.  Not in the ways that I might have thought of in the past. Not in a way that is simply pampering me. Rather, in a way that is an acceptance of everything I have done, everything that I have been, both light and dark. I AM ready to accept that I have been in duality and that all the experiences I have had have built the wisdom that Tobias was speaking of. I AM ready to truly love myself as much as I have loved others, and as much as I have tried to love God.

In the Old Energy of duality, I was taught that loving myself was not appropriate. I AM ready to love Myself now, to love everything of who I AM. Not to love some illusion of some grand angel that might or might not be me, not to love something in the future that I think I might want to become, but to love myself NOW. I am ready to do this, to love myself now.

I AM ready to KNOW myself, to truly know myself. In the past I have known aspects of who I was.  I have tried to know myself.  I have tried to find myself.  But, I am ready to truly know something about me that has been kept within, that has been kept a secret from me by myself.  It is something about me that is unknown to my family, unknown among work colleagues, unknown to Aviva life insurance, and unknown to my dearest friends. It has been kept a secret, because in duality there was part of me that did not want to accept who I AM a unique being with all of the energy and all of the power of God.

It is difficult to accept, but, in knowing myself, I will come to know this.  I will come to know who I truly AM.  It will shatter the illusion of who I have thought I was.  And in that could be fear.  In that there could be holding back.  I AM ready to truly know myself, fully and completely.  It is not the illusion that I have thought it would be.  It is something totally different. Knowing myself as a Christed one, knowing myself as one with Spirit, who came from Spirit? that is a very difficult challenge.  I AM ready to know myself. I AM ready to OWN my divinity.  To not only love it, and to not only know it, to not only have it in freedom.  But, I AM ready to own it within me, to understand that it IS me, to hold it within me, to not try to hide who I AMI AM ready to own that this is mine.

My divinity was not given to me by any other. I have had it all along. It has been sealed. It has been locked away by seven seals, held tightly within. The seals are now ready to burst open. It is like they have been filled with stress. That is what I have been feeling, the seals wanting to burst open, all seven of them, not one by one by one. The seals do not open that way. They open in unison. They open together. I AM ready to own what comes forth, to accept it within my being and to know it has always been there. It has only been locked away.  I AM ready to own the God that I AM .

I AM ready to SHOW and to express who I AMI AM ready to release the timidness, the hiding, the doubt.  I AM ready to show myself and the world and all of you the grand angel who I AM;  No longer hiding behind thin veils, no longer suppressing my own energy, no longer fearing the sound of my own voice when speaking to self or others.  I AM ready to show my divinity and allow it to come forth, bursting forth into the "now" that I live in.  I AM ready to take that foot off the brake, as Tobias has talked of, to show who I really AM.

There is no greater example for another human than to see one who is owning their divinity and expressing it.  If I do not show who I AM, the energy becomes tangled up within me, and it becomes painful in my mind and in my body.

I AM now ready to show who I AM, to release these past lives I was trying to hide behind, where I said, "I will never expose myself as one who is filled with Spirit, for I was ridiculed, for I was put down and even imprisoned for this." In this New Energy that is shifting out of duality, showing who I AM is one of the keys.  That does not mean to be evangelistic.  That does not mean to try to convert others. It means to ILLUMINATE my energy outward. There may not even be words that need to be said. It is simply illuminating who I AM, expressing it through my being. As the seven seals come open, this energy of me will want to come forward. I AM ready to show who I AM.

I AM ready to ALLOW others their space, their consciousness. I AM ready to accept that the things that go on in people around me and energies around me are appropriate.  It is not up to me to judge the right or wrong, but rather to be in a place of allowing. I AM ready to allow, to accept other, and all things around me.

This is a key to moving into the New Energy. It is what Tobias has spoken of in "standing behind the short wall." In doing so, I will understand how things are truly created, but I will also honor the others for their path. I AM ready to allow others their path, their space, and more importantly, their consciousness.  For if I do not, my energy becomes intertwined with theirs, and I could find myself joining them on THEIR journey, rather than continuing mine.

I AM ready to RECEIVE the gift, what Tobias has spoken of as the "Fruit of the Rose."  It is my divinity!  I have carried it with me ever since I left Home.  My divinity has always been there.  It is my gift to myself.  Within the Fruit of the Rose is the solution that I already placed within my consciousness.  As God, who is sitting before you today, I have already created the solution, but I wanted to explore other possibilities!  The solution is in the Fruit of the Rose that has always been with me.

I have never given myself a challenge where I did not prepare the answer.  I prepared the answer in love and compassion for myself and placed it there.  And now, each time I have a challenge in my life, I understand that the Fruit of the Rose is the solution you I have already worked out.  I have just not been willing to look at it.  I have been looking at other potential solutions.

There is a divine solution, and it was not written, or created, or given to me by Spirit, by Metatron, Tobias, my guides, or angels.  It was created in my own heart, and that IS the Fruit of the Rose, the solution to everything that comes within me.  But, I have to accept it as my own, that it is not given to me on a silver platter by another entity; for that is the game I have been playing.  That is the game, looking for solutions created by others.  I AM ready to receive the Fruit of the Rose, my divine solution.

I AM ready to release the illusion of duality.  I AM ready to release this grand illusion, an illusion so strong that I consider it real and truth.  My consciousness is changing now.  I AM beginning to understand the energy dynamics of duality.  I AM slowly coming to understand that DUALITY IS SIMPLY AN ILLUSION.  I AM ready to release this illusion.

To me it might seem like a platform. It might seem like my foundation or my grounding.  It might be fearful trying to release this, not knowing what the new foundation or the new grounding is.  I AM on the fence right now.  I AM on the fence, one foot in duality, the other in ascension, wanting to drag the foot that remains in duality.

I AM ready to release duality, the illusion of duality. So strong, it is difficult to perceive it only as an illusion, but it is.  I AM ready for this change in consciousness.

I understand decisions I make not only affect the consciousness of who I AM, but also have a direct affect on consciousness of all other parts and places.  It pierces through the dimensions.  It pierces through space my consciousness and the consciousness of all who are on Earth. The delicate balance that humanity is in right now, affects you. I AM ready to be my divine self.

I AM ready to give up this illusion of duality and weakness, of illness, of loneliness, of despair.

I AM ready to give up the illusion of love, of what I thought it was like.

I AM ready to give up the illusion that I AM not free.

I AM ready to give up the secret place I have been hiding myself behind, the seven seals.

I AM ready to know who I AM at the deepest and the most intimate and the most compassionate level.

I AM ready to release this game, this game I have been playing of trying to find myself, a wonderful game that has gained me much wisdom and you much consciousness.

And so it is!


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