Dr Cheryl Dusty's clients describe her readings best:

This is going to be a good Christmas with the stress level gone.  As you will remember you clued me in an my xís financial activity on the ship a year ago.  Well, December 14, 2008 I took the information to my attorney, July was the 2-day trial and we obtained a judgment against him, and this week December 14, 2009 the Judge finally signed the final documents for what he has to pay me.  Yes!  Cheryl you were correct with your psychic abilities!  I also learned through all this that my divorce attorneys committed malpractice as there is a law on the Idaho books which states that all Legal Land Descriptions are to be placed in the Divorce Decrees if the land pertains to the property settlement (Decree).  So, I found an attorney in town who will be taking this case on and he has filed the malpractice suit about a month ago. Thank you Cheryl!!!!!!

Love, Patty  12/19/09


Hello Cheryl,

 I donít know if youíll remember me and writing you to tell you thank you is long overdue.   I met you on the Panama cruise and you gave me a reading informing me of my x-husbandís activity of funds which were to be mine.  Yes, you were right on and very accurate.  Three days after being home I visited the courthouse and discovered he and a partner definitely had gone through litigation 4 months prior winning a suit and then he collected $1.3 million dollars of which was to have been mine via the divorce decree. Pat from Idaho


Thanks Cheryl. Boy, have I heard it before :)- I bet you knew that, too!!! I need to "heed" the good advice.


Will be in touch soon.
Thanks again,


Quote from Zada:  How do you tell someone (you) they're right?  I saw him a few hours ago and don't know how to tell you how right you were about so much of what you said yesterday!!  There is basically no relationship, he's not sure what to do, he's been talking to someone else (since i last saw him in June) but says he hasn't slept with her but has feelings for her (and her for him, so he says); that he thought they were just friends but now isn't sure.... (email quote from 1/3/04)  You read my friend Dawn and I (Ashley from NY) last week -
You told me you saw 2 male energies around me and gave me a complete physical and personality description- I met them BOTH this weekend and have had a date with both of them already -I cant believe how accurate you were! I will be calling you again sometime soon.
Hi Cheryl! I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing reading that you gave me.  It really gave me a lot of clarity on what I should be focusing my energy on.  I just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine Liz set up a reading with you after hearing me go on and on about you.  I am also getting my friend Christina in L.A. to get one with you.  I will defiantly be speaking to you in the future! Cheers, Chrissy Thank you so much, you said he'd call today - and he did! I will hang in there and I truly do have to listen to those words of wisdom from your mother..."never stop dating until the engagement ring is on your finger..." Too many of us cling on too tight at times, ruining chance for survival of a relationship and its development. Will keep you posted on new developments, I hope the rest of it comes true. Thanks again.... Therese02 (a Keen handle)
Very direct, precise, didn't ask many questions, to the point, comforting, described accurate description of situations and pointed out lessons & choices. Didn't sway from topic of discussion unless asked to.  moonlitemermaid ( a Keen handle) You know you told me on the cruise that you thought I should seek a new attorney and that he had money hidden? Well, I went to the courthouse and you were right! Now, finally, I may get my divorce settlement! Patty 12/22/08
Gotta love her! Didn't give her the proper credit she deserves at first, but her predictions are coming to pass. Can't wait to see what happens next month! A million stars to you***Love and light, Jenny from San Francisco I had a wonderful, professional reading as usual. This was a follow up to a conversation we had a couple of months ago. She predicted I would meet an older man and I have....he is perfect ( I am hoping this relationship will work out). I am feeling more confident about seeing this new guy...after all she was very accurate the first time. Thanks Again!! softsmooches (a Keen handle)

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