Attracting a Soulmate

by Cheryl Dusty D.Div.

Thought about what exactly what you're looking for in a soulmate?  To attract what you want in your life, you must have a clear vision of yourself and others.  I believe the most effective method to define that vision is to create a list of the qualities you seek in a soul mate.  This list gives you a perfect guideline to use for your personal inventory.  Here are some important values that you will want to include in your inventory, however, they're not set it stone!  You can update and change your list as often as you like.  In fact, every time you go on a date or meet a new potential partner, you should be comparing that person to your list!  And remember the law of physics:  like energy attracts like energy!  Do you possess the qualities that you seek in a partner?

1.  Values
The most important value is being able to trust your partner.  Do they talk the talk or actually walk the walk?   Can you count on them?  Will they do what's right and be there when you need them?  What about you? These shared values form the basis of a lasting relationship.

2.  Good emotional health
To have a lasting relationship, it's important for both people to be emotionally healthy.  Do they have a positive attitude and look forward to their lives?  Do they like and respect themselves?   What about you?   When you're are at peace with yourself,  you won't need others to make you happy.  You don't seek validation outside of yourself.  You find happiness inside you!

3.  Financial responsibility
One of the top reasons for divorce are financial irresponsibility by one of the partners.  Does this person's  career provide a lifestyle you're comfortable with?  Do they handle her money wisely? What about you? Think about this one carefully.

4.  Physical appearance and fitness
We all want to be physically attracted to someone.  Do they take time for their appearance?  Do they  eat and exercise to stay fit?  What about you?  We can't attract what we are not.

5.  Communication skills
Lasting partnerships are created when both partners feel safe to share their thoughts, concerns and dreams.  Will they communicate their thoughts? Do they run from confrontation? And you?  You want someone who's willing to develop good listening and communication skills.

6.  Confidence
Confident people radiate a glow that inevitably attracts us. Does they have strong self-esteem? Has they take responsibility for their own life? Even the most tender of partners should bring strength to a relationship.

7.  Marriage and sex
Do you have the same idea of a marriage?   What do you and your mate expect from marriage and sex?  Are they looking for a soul mate?  Do you both want close intimacy in friendship, communication and sex?

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