Archangel Aquariel and Aquamarine


Peacock: wholeness, authority of self, and the expression of one's own beauty
Immortality, dignity, self-confidence

Aquamarine - Blue-Green - Thymus Chakra
Aquamarine opens the spiritual high heart, the thymus chakra, and quiets the mental body to become receptive to transmissions from higher realms. It has humanitarian qualities as well as serenity, peacefulness, balanced emotions and patience. There is a strong connection to the dolphins. Aquariel, the Archangel of clarity, has infused this Aquamarine essence



This perfect being opens the doors of perception to mortals who pray to him. Aquariel inspires humankind with transcendent and cosmic understanding so that we may spiritually evolve.

Yesterday I received a SMS from my friend Jag, in Kuala Lumpur saying that he was sitting near a man on the train who was carrying an armful of peacock feathers. Not an everyday occurrence seeing peacock feathers on the train. I couldn't let this pass without 'seeing' how this fitted into our lives in this moment.

The color blue-green of peacock is part of the new color system which has been downloading into our consciousness over the past few years. Since 1998 I have been seeing colors so different that there really is no description in our language to describe these colors.

This blue-green color of the sea is protected by the Archangel Aquariel, who sits behind Archangel Gabriel as a CEO for Clarity.

Archangel Aquariel also protects the 'new' 8th Chakra of the thymus. This chakra plays an important role in connecting the heart to the throat chakra. It is important that we consciously think about how we can boost the immune system. The thymus chakra also connects through the medulla at the base of the skull to assist in connecting to the Higher realms.

The energy of Archangel Aquariel brings us balance between earth and sea.
He talks with the Dolphins, then shares with us this knowledge of spiritual evolvement.
The Dolphins connect with Peacock and gift to us the ability to know ourselves in truth, so that we have the self-confidence to walk our path as we choose.

Peacock as an animal totem allows access to the Karmic connections between the soul and physical connection. It carries the energy of the Phoenix which allows us to rise from past differences and challenges.
The peacock with its loud raucous call doesn't let us forget who we are and from where we came. It's call has the sound of laughter letting us know that we need not take life too seriously - that it is after all a only game, we came to play.

Whatever the lessons, challenges and games under the totem of this color blue-green of the peacock we are reminded that we are constantly guided and protected by Archangel Aquariel.


From an Earthlings Anonymous post by Gaele Arnott


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