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Dr. Cheryl Dusty brings compassion, honesty, insight, and the inquiring, skeptical mind of an academic trained in scientific method of a Counselor, Professional Psychic,  to her work as a Psychic, Certified Coach, Published Author, Radio and T.V. guest, Professional Writer/Author, Travel Industry Professional, Hospice Volunteer, and now as an active multi-business owner.  She developed and continues to expand the concept of Relationship Intuitive, which is far more than intuition and mediumship, and much more comprehensive than traditional counseling and coaching.

Cheryl has been involved in many aspects of Angel communication, mediumship,  and emotional and spiritual healing.  In addition to providing private consultations,  Cheryl has taught others to access and develop their own psychic and intuitive gifts, attract soul mates into their lives, manifest the life they want to live, and she continues to teach in all her work.  Cheryl firmly believes that being human is about using our intuitive gifts, and encourages others to develop their own skills and healing, rather than becoming dependent on another's intuition.

"It is no accident that you've arrived at this site.  The Angels have brought you exactly where you need to be to hear exactly what they need to communicate to you."  "The Angels have spoken to me since childhood, and they unfailingly offer sound, loving advice to get me back on the path when I need to, and the same gentle advice that I share with friends, family, and clients.  To others, I have always been seen as "different".  When I quit swimming upstream and listened to the Angels advice, I knew that my path was to help others, to empower them.  So I went back to school, trained to be a counselor, and finish my Doctorate.

However, when I began working with clients, the Angels constantly spoke to me with information and advice that would help.  It was not until then that I began to do readings for the public.  I, like all mediums that I know, questioned the information that I was given.  Slowly but surely, as those clients came back one by one to verify the validity of that information, I grew to trust that the accurate information that they had given to me also applied to others."

Cheryl has manifested the life she wants.  She shares a home with her best friend (translated soul mate) Randy and the kids (canine in variety) Lucie, Coco Puff, Scooter, and Maggie on a beautiful private lake in Texas.  She has manifested prosperity and abundance including a motorhome, a  2nd home in New Mexico that allows her to work while traveling, writing books in progress, own businesses that she loves, have a small group of close friends, overcome leukemia, and have peace and joy in her life. Thank you Angels!

To schedule a session with Cheryl, you must first have placed your order

for a live psychic reading, coaching, or counseling session, then call

the number provided on your PayPal receipt.

Cheryl will call you back at her expense in the United StatesCanadian callers will need to send me an email to arrange the time for you to call me. 

Sessions can be booked in 20 minute increments. 

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