What Does a Relationship Intuitive Do ?


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There are differences between a Relationship Psychic, Relationship Counselor, Relationship Coach, and Relationship Intuitive. 

A Relationship Intuitive or Relationship Psychic is probably best described as an Empath.  An empath has the ability to feel what another person feels, as well as sense their mental and emotional state and answer questions such as how does he feel about me?  What are his intentions?  How are things going in a marriage or relationship?  Is their love coming into my life and what does this person look like?


A Relationship Counselor (sometimes referred to as a Family or Marriage Counselor) will help you determine what individual emotional issues are affecting the dynamics between parties in the relationship, work individually with each party to heal those issues, and recreate a new dynamic between parties.


A Relationship Coach will help a couple achieve specific goals such as finding a compromise and setting up common financial goals, improving communication skills, or setting up common structures and parameters to smooth the rough spots occurring in relationships.


I am a Relationship Intuitive.  Using an all-encompassing  approach in my work, I use my psychic gifts as an empath (clairsentient)  and claircognizant (clear knowing), my expertise as a Reiki Master, traditionally trained counselor, a Relationship Coach, Angel Therapist, Ordained Minister, and most of all, my connection with the Angels and the God of YOUR understanding, to get answers to the problem.  I see what's really happening and give you not only answers, but the information you need to go forward on your Path. I will help you to empower yourself!

When you've done the workshops, the reading, the crying, the praying, when someone has been to mediums and psychics, and other therapists, somehow, they find their way to me.

To schedule a session with Cheryl, you must first have placed your order

for a live psychic reading, coaching, or counseling session, then call

the number provided on your PayPal receipt.

Cheryl will call you back at her expense in the United StatesCanadian callers will need to send me an email to arrange the time for you to call me. 

Sessions can be booked in 20 minute increments. 

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