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Story: I've heard my Angels speak since I was about 7 years old. I'm also a professional psychic, Ordained Minister, hold a Doctorate degree, professional writer, Certified Coach, own several businesses, am a Hospice Volunteer, and have a private mental health counseling practice.  

How I Do It:  For a psychic reading, I may or may not use cards, the Angels start sending ideas, psychic information,  and messages.  I pass it on to you. Sometimes it makes no sense to me, but it will to you now or shortly after your reading.

Promise:  The Truth and only The Truth!  I'll tell you what the Angels tell me.  If I don't know the answer, I'll be honest and tell you.  You want to know how they feel, what they're going to do?, when they're coming into your life, what's coming up in your life, are they telling the truth?  Ok, that's what you'll get. I can also help you develop your psychic abilities, talk to the Angels, and learn to manifest the successful lifestyle that I actually live, not just tell you that I do. This is a live psychic reading, not a phone psychic at an 800 number.

What It Can Do For You: This is what the Angels and I manifested for myself: a husband who's my best friend, remission from leukemia after a 20% chance at survival, a home on a quiet lake, a 2nd home in New Mexico, a motorhome, being self employed doing what I love, international and domestic air travel and cruises, finishing a doctorate degree after the leukemia, a very small group of supportive friends, a fascinating and varied career path, living in great places, a wonderful spiritual life, peace of mind and more. I can teach you to do the same!

Bottom Line:  If you can't get your questions answered, then why waste your time and money, right?  I am blessed with descriptions of people coming into your life, timelines for events, and the ability to identify and remove the blocks holding you back from what you want to achieve.

Outcome:  Make notes of your reading.  Things you hear today may not "click" right away, but they will later!  If you came to me for information, it's because Spirit guided your choice.  They have information to make your life better, but you have to use the information!  We all have a blind side, but you were brought here to gain information and guidance. What's holding you back?  Repeating the wrong ideas and actions over and over again. Identify and learning to correctly pursue your goals!


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